hi. im ungoo. welcome to my crazy twisted site. i made this site in the first place to expand my code knowledge html and css.

currently this is mostly just a utility place for me to link to info about myself & host information. in the future i may or may not update this place more! depends on how i feel. for now, enjoy your stay

site updates

been a while since i updated this little box... i've still been workin on some website stuff on the side like the ongoing project that is my oc database, however i havent really been putting much effort into adding anything new to this site because i've been preoccupied with other things (schoolwork, drumming, watching naruto :p)... still planning to add more in the future! just when i feel like it tho. oh also removed webrings

complete site overhaul throws up everywhere
i liked the old layout a lot when i made it but i kind of want a different vibe now. will soon add an archive page for old versions.

RAAAAAAH new about me section im pretty proud of it......

messed out with main page format i like it a lot more now. kind of thinking about what i wanna do with this site


site button. it is low effort i will probably remake it eventually but i like it still lolol

song of the times!!!!!!! very excited about this. video player gone (RIP)

blinkies and stuff on main page. music player is next....

video player is here now

about me section LAUNCH!!!!! i finished coding it a few days ago lolol but im putting it up now. theres still some things to add but the meat of it is done

was held up doing some college application stuff but i am free now so i have more time to work on this :3 just changing up the layout some making it look a bit prettier. and learning more

launch onto neocities!

started learning HTML and creating this site

song of the times

vein melter
herbie hancock