about the.. 'web master'.....

i most prefer to go by ungoo, but you can also call me ash or will. think of me as a gnome sitting in my chair that can barely reach all the computer keys. for all the typology heads out there i'm an entp 8w7 so/sx RLUEI sang-mel.

im not super active on the internet? i mostly just talk to my friends and reblog stuff. but feel free to reach out to me! i am very introverted but i do love talking to people.

i spend most of my time playing video games, listening to music and watching anime. i've also started drumming recently but i'm not very good at it yet :p . some of my favorite games are risk of rain 2, ultrakill, disco elysium, everything by davey wreden and most valve stuff. i am also (casually) into rhythm games. my fav is beat saber.

when it comes to music, i'm a big fan of anything in the realm of hardcore techno. i particularly like most idm, speedcore, j-core and dnb. i'm also a big fan of jazz music and i love jazz fusion as well. i love a lot of rock too, and of course, video game soundtracks. in terms of anime, my favorites are jojo's bizarre adventure and naruto. been a fan of both since middle school and they are a part of my soul

most special videos